Vadakin Job Fair

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The job market remains very tough and competitive.

But help is out there.

Vadakin opened the doors of their plant on Industry Road Monday, hosting its first open house job fair.

The applied high energy cleaning company is celebrating 55 years in Marietta.

The company invented and patented high-pressure water cleaning equipment that cleans the boilers of coal-fired power plants.

Monday employers were searching for travel oriented people with mechanical experience.

"We can help you realize what kind of skills you have and help you develop those and you just never know what you might be capable of," says Sara Hooper, company president. "And we're really good at trying to get the best out of people."

Hooper says Vadakin is growing.

The company recently expanded into the deep south.

Prospective employees filled out applications and watched a company video before treating themselves to refreshments.

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