Very Spectacular Arts Festival

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Students with disabilities experienced color and creativity today at the 16th annual "Very Spectacular Arts Festival."

It's co-sponsored by Artsbridge and West Virginia University at Parkersburg.

This year more than 350 students, 100 volunteers and 20 artists had the chance to show their creativity.

Artsbridge executive director Mark Lanyon says the festival is a highlight of their year.

"I think it's great because it gives schools the chance to bond and see what their school is made of," says Parkersburg South student Kris O'Brien.

"It's a wonderful enrichment and the students just enjoy the fun of the day and getting to see and experience different arts activities we have," says Event Chair Jane Irvine. "I think the volunteers get as much (out of it), if not more, than the students."

A variety of activities included creative movement, face painting, karaoke and live performers.

The students also had the opportunity to make things... from bead bracelets to newspaper hats to kites, perfect since this year's theme is "Up, Up and Away."

O'Brien was happy to see so many schools in one place, all having fun.

"It's great for the schools; it's great for the kids -- to see all the schools come together and be good to each other," the 16-year-old says. "It would be just nice to see it cool and smooth."

He took the time to catch up with friends and make a kite of his own.

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