Veterans Honored With Cannon Fire Over Parkersburg

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Making sure people in the valley remember veterans. Carlin's Battery D is doing so by firing off a cannon.

This is the third year the group held this event honoring veterans.

The Civil War reenactors say it's a sign of tribute to the troops, just like a gun or other military salute.

"It's just a means of using the tools that were used in warfare, when it's necessary, as a means of honoring men who fought during war, whatever war it was," says A.J. Hamler.

The cannon is fired off at the end of the Veterans Day parade in Parkersburg.

Many head to Fort Boreman Hill to see history reenacted.

"A lot of the veterans who attended the parade end up here as well and they get a kick out of seeing a piece of equipment that large that was used in history, 150 year ago actually functioning. It's something to see close up."

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