Veterans Museum Flag

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City Park memorials are a focal point of honoring veterans here at home, so it's important to keep the flags in good condition.

"We just saw that it was faded and we don't like to see a faded flag flying,” says Gary Farris, executive director of the Veterans Museum of the Mid-Ohio Valley.

Torn and tattered is not the way to go.

"They get weathered and they need (to be) replaced occasionally, obviously, and very thankful that the Veterans Museum has helped us in that endeavor to keep 'em replaced,” says Mayor Bob Newell. “Today we're replacing the POW/MIA flag."

They gave their life for our freedom.

"It's not just this uniform or that little grenade. It's a story about the man or the woman who wore the uniform and about the man or the woman who carried that item,” says Angela Shoemaker, projects and events coordinator for the museum. “It wasn't really being represented as well as it could with a tattered, faded flag."

They made the ultimate sacrifice and now the city makes sure they honor them proudly with a new flag.

"Just want to replace it with a better one,” Farris says. “This one that we're putting up is made for outdoors and it's two-sided, so it can be seen from either side."

It's a history like no other.

"Just getting to hear the stories of all the veterans, that's what got me so interested,” Shoemaker says.

This means so much to so many.

"Veterans really do appreciate, I believe, what we do here and we just want to keep making sure they understand that we're here to help honor them,” Newell says.

The war memorials, including the flags -- and Stepping Stones of Honor are very popular with veterans and they appreciate being honored there.

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