Veterans Museum Of The MOV Remembers All Who Serve

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On this Veterans Day, the Veterans Museum of the Mid-Ohio Valley is making sure no service man or woman is forgotten.

Refreshments and tours were given to vets wanting to learn more about the history of our nation during times of war.

Museum Director, Gary Farris says he's proud the community keeps showing love to those who served, but he says it hasn't always been that way.

"The Vietnam Veterans came home to a very hostile nation towards them and I think people have seen that, and they've done a turn around and are now giving them a good welcome home."

The museum is also making sure troops currently serving overseas aren't forgotten as well and says the community has done so much for them.

"This community is the best. They have supported this museum. They have supported sending items to the troops. We've been able to send over 400 packages so far. We have more over here we're trying to scrounge up enough money to mail it."

If you would like to donate, you can call The Veterans Museum of the Mid-Ohio Valley at 304-420-0332.

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