Veteran's Museum Volunteers

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Stepping Stones of Honor at City Park acknowledge our veterans past and present who serve.

Now it's our turn to make sure they stay pristine. Moss is growing between the bricks and needs a lift.

Gary Farris from the Veteran's Museum of the Mid-Ohio Valley says it's the least we can for those who sacrificed so much for our honor and freedom.

“If you look at the bricks you'll see a lot of moss is growing up between all of 'em over the years and we need to scrape it out, put new sand in, sweep it, clean it,” Farris says. “If we can get water here somehow, we would like to scrub all the bricks down too.”

Farris says the museum just doesn't have enough people to do anything.

He needs eight to 10 volunteers to clean them up and he'll provide all the necessary materials.

Call them if you want to help at 304-420-0332.

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