Video Receives National Attention

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A West Virginia University at Parkersburg adjunct psychology professor is getting national attention for one of his lectures but it's not because of what he said.

This is video from last spring when Michael Cox was teaching while dressed up as Dr. Wilhelm Wundt, one of the founding fathers of psychology.

When Cox headed back to the stage, he missed the last step and fell into a desk. Cox hit his chin and ribs on the desk and his knees went down on the concrete floor.

Cox said "So it hurt but I couldn't let them know. So I got up as quick as I could and I told them I said Dr. Wundt is an old man and I straightened myself up and my wife was in the audience and she thought it was hilarious. They had a ball.

Jeremy "Doc" Moore of WVU-P caught the whole scene on video and they sent it in to America's Funniest Home Videos.

Cox said it was featured on the ABC show last Sunday. Even though he didn't win, Cox received a t-shirt and a lot of laughs from it.

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