Vienna Elementary Boot Camp

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They had the time of their lives -- local students from Vienna Elementary School learned discipline, focus and listening skills when the West Virginia National Guard lead boot camp at their school.

"I’ve never been drilled that hard and I think it helps a lot and it teaches you how to listen and be distinguished,” says Emma Padden, a fifth-grader.

Many students have family in the National Guard.

"I thought it'd be neat to come up with an activity like boot camp in order to show students and let them relate to what that experience is like,” says physical education teacher Cindy Turley.

It was a memorable day for 11-year-old Issac Bond.

"You also get to learn what they have to go through when they’re like off in Afghanistan and some other countries,” Bond says. “It was also really fun in how they made it."

The school always plans a big event to wrap up the year.

"I hope they take away from it more of a bonding with the school and their class and their teammates or their classmates and look forward to the next school year,” Turley says.

A fifth-grader was up to the challenge.

"It was enough for kids, probably enough for kids, like the tug-of-war was pretty fun and we had like the push against the girls and all that,” Bond says.

Emma had a great time and it showed.

"On the tug-of-war we showed the boys that we were more strong than they were,” she says.

Boot camp was a big deal for the kids even though it was at an elementary level and Turley says the whole experience left the students in awe.

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