Vienna Elementary School Takes One Minute To Better Health

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"Take one minute of exercise, you'll feel good and can sit down and continue with your math and spelling and whatever else you're doing," says Cindy Turley, physical education teacher at Vienna Elementary School.

Jammin' minute, getting kids up and moving... an initiative started by Michelle Obama.

Kids realize their potential by staying active at school.

"All of our teachers in every classroom do these little activity breaks throughout the course of the day and it really does help improve the student's ability to pay attention and get back to work," principal Julie Handley says.

Movement is good for mind, body and soul and the healthier alternative to remaining at a daily standstill.

"I think it helps them to get up and move and gets their juices flowing, so we're always willing to do anything to help improve their academics and their physical fitness and their whole emotional well being," Handley says.

Natural born movers, children don't need convincing to exercise. West Virginia leads the nation in jam participants.

"Kids, they love to be active and so anytime you tell 'em they got to get up and do something it's not hard to convince them to do it," Turley says. "As far as learning it, it's always set up that it can be really easy."

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