UPDATE: Vienna Sees Room For Improvement in Emergencies

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UPDATE 9/4/2014 5:05 PM

Vienna firefighters make some changes to their plan of attack during major emergencies.

The city determined from its July drill that more sirens are needed, especially in commercial areas and they need back-up systems if there's a power outage.

One problem is the estimated cost of upgrading the system - about $400,000

"The main problem is, even if we upgrade the system or replace it, the way these new modern homes are being built, they're so airtight that people are going to have trouble hearing the siren, no matter where it's at. So, it's going to be a problem even if we do upgrade the system. I don't think it's going to be 100% foolproof," says Steve Scholl, Vienna Fire Chief.

In spite of the problems, Chief Scholl says overall, the drill proved the fire department system is in good shape.

Drilling for disaster.

An extremely serious approach from Vienna first responders Wednesday.

The fire department says there were some minor problems with communications, but, on the whole, the city's response to an emergency is greatly improved from the derecho two years ago.

Wednesday morning's drill, which took place from 11:00 to noon, is the first the City of Vienna has held in nearly two decades.

"We (now) have the 911 center, the mobile command unit. They patched us in on an experimental line to Charleston. The technology today is just unbelievable," says Vienna Fire Chief Steve Scholl.

Mayor Randy Rapp adds the generator for the city's offices started up as planned, right after the emergency began.

The scenario involved a truck colliding with an electric generator located on River Road, right behind the Vienna Foodland store.

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