Welcoming A New Genre Of Music To The Valley

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UPDATE 8-24-13 8:33PM

It's a genre of music that people in the valley aren't used to hearing.

The City of Vienna along with the Chocolate Jazz Foundation joined together to sponsor the first ever Vienna "Chocolate" Jazz Festival.

"This festival is about music education. It was spurred by the dream that the Co-Founder of the Multi Cultural Festival, Gene Donaway had. Used to run these jazz on the greens many years ago and we're carrying on that dream," says Chocolate Jazz Foundation Vice President, Aaron Clubb.

An event that the Chocolate Jazz Foundation is taking part in to help continue supporting public school music programs.

One of the performers at the festival and Vienna native, David Wells, saw a need to reach out to kids with a love for music.

"One thing about the chocolate jazz is that we are able to help non-profit organizations if it's American Cancer Society or if it's a theater that's a non-profit within the city because we've done a lot of these Chocolate Jazz Festivals like in Missouri, Detroit, Cleveland," added Wells.

The Vienna "Chocolate" Jazz Festival has a variety of music people here in the valley will be more appreciative of.

"I am very excited about it because we don't have cultural things like cities do, so since this is a small place, it's just a good way for it to be introduced by Dave Wells," replied Regina Robinson.

"We're really really happy. Jazz is underrepresented in the whole region and we're really glad that these guys have put this festival on," Claudette Hudson-Rider said.

Wells and other organizers of the event not only look forward to continue the "Chocolate" Jazz Festival but also have big plans for it next year.

"Aaron Clubb who is the Vice President of the Chocolate Jazz, we went to a couple of the barbecue rib fests and it's actually called the Vienna Rib and Jazz Fest. So we have several vendors from all over the state and also the region. We're going to have some competitions on the barbecue, you know, the taste contest," says Wells.

Chris Geith, Simply Ira and Julian Vaughn are among the other performers at the Vienna "Chocolate" Jazz Festival.

Organizers hope they raise enough money to help continue music programs at area schools.
Preparations began today for the Vienna "Chocolate" Jazz Festival tomorrow at the Fishbone in Vienna.

The festival is starts at 12 Noon and goes until 11PM.

Organizers says the performers include, Warren Hill and David Wells, along with five other musicians.

There will be plenty of food, beverages and even a shuttle service from Grand Point to the Fishbone for transportation running all day.

"It's a great thing for the city because part of the proceeds go back to our music programs in our schools. So not only do you get to hear some great entertainment you also get to help our kids and that's a good thing," said Vienna Mayor Randy Rapp.

Tickets are $15 and can be purchased at the door tomorrow.

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