Vienna Student Wins Auditor's Essay Contest

Credit: AP
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Learning, saving-and winning.

A student at Jackson Middle School has done all three.

West Virginia Auditor Glen Gainer Tuesday presented Anna Fatta with the seventh grade award, .for her winning essay in the auditor's office's "money smart" contest.

Its purpose is to educate students on savings and investing.

Anna received a $300 scholarship and a kindle from the federal reserve bank in Richmond, Virginia.

"My essay," Anna said, "was about the three biggest financial decisions of my life: I said those three biggest decisions would be my career, my place of residence and my college choice. Then, I focused my essay on my college choice."

"It's so important that kids understand about finances," Gainer says, "and what they need to do to start saving, not only for college, but eventually for retirement."

The auditor's office received a thousand entries for this year's contest, from students throughout the state.

It's open each year to students from grades seven through 12.

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