Violent Video Games

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A big item on children's Christmas lists this year is video games.

When should you, as a parent, say no if the video game is too violent?

This is a big worry for parents this time of year, with kids asking for hot ticket items such as the latest Grand Theft Auto or Call of Duty.

Everyone wants to make sure their child is happy on Christmas morning, but as a parent, you need to be a parent.

A counselor says if it's too violent or you don't think your child is ready for a certain game, say no.

Dr. Priscilla Leavitt says she has seen parents all season that are wrestling with this issue.

It's the only thing their child has asked for.

She says there are good learning video games, ones that can stimulate the child's brain.

Others are not meant for children.

Leavitt says make sure there is a balance in the home.

Set time limits for video games and then make sure they go play outside or with friends.

She says kids today are almost over stimulated.

Sometimes they should just take a break from video games and all the activities.

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