Volunteer Fire Department Sees Value in Hands-Free CPR Device

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When someone needs CPR, response time is everything.

With the help of a hands-free CPR device, EMT's can make sure CPR never stops.

The Fearing Volunteer Fire Department acquired the Life-Stat hands-free mechanical CPR device around a year ago.

They are the only fire department in Washington County to own one.

It provides faster, more accurate and less invasive CPR.

Fearing's fire chief, Jeff Lauer, says they have only used it once; however, it is a great tool to have for many reasons.

"We know the only chance you get when doing CPR, is to do it quickly, within the few minutes of the onset of the heart attack, and doing it correctly, so this just increases those bad chances by quite a bit," he says.

This especially helps with constant CPR when transporting patients in rural areas to the hospital.

Also it frees the EMT's to do other tasks, such as administering necessary, life-saving drugs.

Helping with the cost, Sisters of St. Joseph Charitable Fund donated around $8,000 towards the purchase.

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