Volunteer to Feed the Birds; De-seeding Sunflowers

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Ten thousand sunflowers stand tall in Flemming all summer long.
Now, It's time for them to be harvested.

They were planted as a community project to benefit Harvest to Hope.
Tuesday, four volunteers went and gathered nearly 1,000 flower heads and now they need help in de-seeding them.

"And on Saturday for make a difference day we're inviting anybody who is interested to come and help us de-seed these sun flowers," explains Marietta Councilman Roger Kalter, "then we're going to distribute them in the community. Hopefully people will make contributions to the Harvest to Hope which is the umbrella organization."

It's all for Harvest to Hope that helps low-income families raise their own crops and donates food recovery from grocery stores.
The seeds will then be distributed throughout the community to feed birds in exchange for donations.

"To help fund the bigger gardening projects so next spring we'll have some money for seeds and tools and whatever else we'll need to have to help folks learn how to garden at the many community gardens around here and to keep food flowing into the food pantry for folks who need some help," says Kalter.

All ages are asked to stop by and volunteer

"I'm a city boy so this is a newbie for me. It's not too terrible," laughs Kalter, "the kids especially are very good at it, they fling these around and they're dry enough now that the seeds are popping off pretty well and we'll put them in paper bags so people can take them home and start feeding their birds."

To volunteer--
Saturday, October 27, 9 a.m. till 12.

Putnam street commons (old JCPenny building)-- take elevator to third floor
Call Roger Kalter at 373-1784

To donate to Harvest to Hope: Marietta Community Foundation PO Box 77, Marietta OH

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