Volunteers Clean Up Sumner School

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It was the first school in West Virginia for black children.

A long time piece of history here at home.

But now it's getting some criticism for how run down it is.

Sumner School on Avery Street in Parkersburg opened back in 1862 and Monday volunteers worked hard to clean up the building and keep the school open.

A handful of volunteers spent the day weeding, mowing, and painting around the building.

It's not only the outside needing work - the plumbing on the inside is also in the plan.

In the past, the school had been used for evening tutoring and volunteers are hopeful that can start up again.

"Right now we're getting the outside to make it presentable for the community. We're getting some help but we could use a lot more. We're working on the inside as well. Some of the stuff we're not going to be able to do without money," says Troy Owens, a volunteer.

There currently is a museum inside Sumner dedicated to black history.

Owens adds that the work won't be completed anytime soon and if anyone wants to come volunteer to help get the school back in shape, all you have to do is show up.

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