Volunteers Needed for Salvation Army Program

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One local non-profit organization known for helping others now needs a big hand themselves.

The Salvation Army on Fifth Street is looking for volunteers to drive meals to elderly men and women.

The Meal For One program began back in 1982 but lately it's in a tough spot.

The Salvation Army is being forced to put people who wish to sign up on a waiting list.

They say that's because of a shortage of volunteers and a growing number of folks who need the service.

"In times where we have a recession in the economy or a downturn in the local economy, the need rises and sometimes the people who were able to serve now become the ones who are now in need," says Lt. Sharon Autry.

Drivers will use their own car and can sign up for as little as one or as many as 25 days a month.

Deliveries happen Monday through Friday between 10:00 in the morning and noon.

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