Salvation Army Volunteers Give Back on Thanksgiving

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Thanksgiving is about giving back for volunteers at the Parkersburg Salvation Army's annual Thanksgiving dinner.

"I was here at seven o'clock this morning and there was a line of people already waiting to get in to start preparing everything for today," said Army Major Vernon Dolby.

A line of folks getting ready for a Thanksgiving Day of cooking and serving.

"It's serving another need too, because if you look around, all these volunteers, that's a need for them."

Two hundred fifty volunteers filled to-go boxes for the homebound and served meals to the homeless at the Parkersburg site today.

They provided dinner for more than two thousand people.

For volunteers like Bruce Goody, the activity is a family affair.

He has served meals at the Sal with his wife and kids for two decades. According to him, the tradition started when his children entered their teenage years and began to get greedy.

Now he's accompanied not only by them, but their kids as well.

"After the first year we started it, the next year they were wanting to do it again, wanting to bring friends with them to help them do it," Goody said. "We started it with the the grandchildren a few years ago and they ask each year if they can come back also. One of the reasons though is they love the rolls. We eat about as many as we hand out."

And there were certainly enough rolls to go around Thursday. The Salvation Army had more than enough food for those in need in the six counties it serves. It even had enough for people simply hoping for some company.

"Anybody [could come]," said Major Dolby.

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