Voting Precincts To Be Consolidated In Wood County

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Updated: 5/20/2013 4:30 P.M.

With one small change, new voting precincts are now in place in Wood County.

County Clerk Jamie Six says the consolidation of precinct one now means the senior citizens building on Market Street will be the voting place instead of the Parkersburg City Building.

The county commission approved the changes after a public meeting was held Monday.

"If anyone is affected by the change, they will receive notice in the mail with their new registration card," Six says. "The staff will actually take a month or two to get all that processed, because of all the changes we'll be making."

The clerk's office is reducing by 15 the number of precincts in the county, a move expected to save the county an estimated $15,000.

The changes were first proposed in April.


From 84 to 69.

That's the proposed reduction in the number of voting precincts in Wood County.

County Clerk Jamie Six Thursday presented the proposed changes to the county commission.

They include consolidation of the downtown Parkersburg precinct with precinct one, which votes at the city building.

Six says the changes reflect the growing number of registered voters taking part in early voting.

"Even though we're showing a larger number of registered voters in a precinct, that doesn't necessarily mean there's going to be a larger number of voters at that precinct," Six told the commission. "The reasons are early voting, community voting sites and the fact that we keep people on the rolls longer because of federal law."

The clerk's office estimates the changes will save the county $15,000.

It also proposes using half of those savings for pay raises for election day poll workers.

Here is a list of the proposed changes:

Precinct 8-Consolidated into Precinct 1

Precinct 16-Consolidated into Precinct 23 (Precinct 23 polling place moved to 16th street fire station)

Precinct 17-Divided into Precinct 10 and Precinct 13

Precinct 24-Divided into Precinct 19 and Precinct 29

Precinct 31-Divided into Precinct 32 and Precinct 34A

Precinct 36C-Consolidated into Precinct 36B

Precinct 37 B-Consolidated into Precinct 37

Precinct 37 C-Divided into Precinct 37 and 37A

Precinct 37D-Consolidated into Precinct 37A

Precinct 42-Consolidated into Precinct 41

Precinct 44-Consolidated into Precinct 45

Precinct 44A-Consolidated into Precinct 45A

Precinct 46A-Consolidated into Precinct 46

Precinct 66-Consolidated into Precinct 69

Precinct 74A-Consolidated into Precinct 74

Non-Handicapped Precinct Locations No Longer In Use:

McKinley School
Woodman Hall
Westminster Presbyterian Church
Lauckport Baptist Church

Handicapped Precinct Locations No Longer In Use:

Wood County Senior Citizens Center
Worthington School
Parkersburg Catholic High School
Jackson Middle School

Precinct Lines Adjusted for Population Shift

Precincts 51 and 52
Precincts 87 and 89

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