WSCC Holds Workforce Development Luncheon

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The Ohio Board of Regents is making its way around Ohio, and Monday it made its way to a luncheon at Washington State Community College.

The board of regents advises the governor on higher education and how to make college more affordable.

Now the plan is to make it easy for anyone to go to college and become successful.

"There are opportunities right here in Washington County and Appalachian Ohio that are available if you have the right skills. In order to be successful, we need to reach more students rather they have not been successful in high school, maybe there is another field they would be more interested where they would be more successful, and we also need to reach adult learners; people in the workforce already and let them know there are opportunities available for them," says John Carey, Chancellor with the Ohio Board of Regents.

The Ohio Board of Regents hopes to have more students with degrees in high demand jobs before 2025.

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