WV High School Grad Rates Improve

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West Virginia high school graduation rates have improved, including right here in Wood County.

Superintendent of Schools Dr. Patrick Law says he's pleased with the improvements and the schools have to keep going in the right direction.

Local graduation rates have increased since 2012.

Parkersburg High School saw a four percent increase, Parkersburg South a half a percent and Williamstown about two percent.

"There's been a lot of hard work on a lot of people's part," Law says. "A lot of cooperation that perhaps has not been there in the past with the schools and the judicial system trying to work out areas where there were disconnects and problems with communication so we can attack the problems before they get too serious."

Dr. Law says in the end it translates to getting kids in school in their seats and they're much more likely to succeed and much more likely to graduate.

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