WV Police Meth Lab Training

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Waging war against meth, West Virginia police officers get meth lab training.

Network Environmental Systems of California led the training all week.

Sgt. Michael Baylous from the West Virginia State Police says officers learned the different methods to make methamphetamine and how to detect and dismantle meth labs.

They also learned safety when approaching these type of scenes.

“Used to be we had to send officers out of state to get training and to my knowledge this is the first training of this type to be offered here at the West Virginia State Police Academy,” Baylous says. “We have about 40 officers across the state that took advantage of this training. About 14 or 15 of them are West Virginia State Troopers.”

Baylous says other agencies across the state were also represented.

The training allows officers to be more efficient and more effective as they respond to meth labs and to collect the evidence needed to prosecute.

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