West Virginia Sheriff Term Limit Issue

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Voters in West Virginia may want to pay attention to a constitutional amendment on the ballot.

"The way they had it written on the ballot it was confusing," says voter, Bob.

It's an issue on the ballot that has some voters in West Virginia asking a lot of questions.

"Right now, West Virginia has restrictions on the governor and sheriff that they can only serve two terms or any part thereof. The constitutional amendment that's before the voters this time would remove that restriction from sheriffs," explains Wood County Clerk Jamie six.

But before you cast your vote, you'll want to look closely at the language of the amendment. If you want to get rid of the term limit, you would vote for the amendment. If you want to keep the term limit, you would vote against the amendment.

And this isn't the first chance for people in the mountain state to change the constitution.

"It's actually been on the ballot a couple of other times as a constitutional amendment so the voters have to change the constitution. The legislature just can't change it on their own. The legislature votes to put the constitutional amendment before the voters and it's up to the voters to change the constitution," says Six.

The reason for the issue on the ballot again? It's to give voters options when it comes to making modernized changes to the law.

Six adds, "looking back in history, we don't know if there's the checks and balances that we have today."

West Virginia is one of only eight other states that currently have term limits for sheriffs.

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