WV Teachers Receive Certification

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West Virginia teachers receive national certification and Wood County receives a particular distinction.

"We're very proud of having more certified teachers, board certified teachers in Wood County than the other counties, but it's also due to Dr. Frieda Owen, who began the process when this certification came about," says Judy Johnson, director of curriculum instruction for Wood County Schools.

Certification is for teachers but first for learners... as teachers improve on engaging the children in learning.

"They already know before they approach certification, they're already master teachers," says Owen, candidate support provider for Wood County Schools.

It's financially beneficial for teachers to go through the process.

"We provide $3,500 bonus stipend to teachers with the National Board Certification. Also, the state of West Virginia provides $3,500," Johnson says.

Wood County leads the state of West Virginia with 79 nationally certified teachers, preparing today's kids for a brighter tomorrow.

"Some of those nearly 80 certified teachers have gone on to be our school principals and assistant principals and they understand learning," Owen says.

To achieve certification, teachers must have a level of contemplation and commitment.

"It involves a lot of self reflection and in depth, 'what am I doing,' 'am I doing the type of productive work that is the best work,'" Johnson says.

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