WVDNR Boat Training

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You hear about police tactical training all the time, where they train for real life emergency situations.

Today that training went from the street to the river as the Parkersburg Police and the West Virginia Division of Natural Resources got together.

I spent the day on the water with them and got a firsthand look at how they train so everyone can be safe on the water.

The maritime unit returned to the Parkersburg Police.

"So we've got officers participating in a tactical boat operations class today," says Sgt. Greg Collins.

A refresher course is just what they needed.

"Our officers by the time we're finished with the day will have been through two days worth of courses to get us back up and certified on boat laws," Collins says.

They make sure everything is in order.

"Just going over the equipment checklist to make sure we check the proper equipment on the boats," says Capt. David Trader, of the Natural Resources Police.

Keep the fun on the water going as long as it's all about safety -- in your fishing boat, your canoe or your personal watercraft that 'floats your boat.'

"To make sure that everyone's going to have a safe voyage for that day," Trader says. "We're also practicing approaches and techniques that'll maximize the officer safety issues out there on the water."

The multi-agency effort ensures the public is safe on the water, no matter what happens.

"Safe tactical operations in case we run into a violent situation or some other unusual situation on the water, how to be able to handle it properly and safely," Collins says.

While the departments train a lot in the summer since more people are out on their boats, that's not the only time.

Parkersburg is a water town, so training for different situations takes place year-round, depending on the season.

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