WVDOH Prepares for Winter Weather

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Road crews have been prepping for winter storms over the past several weeks.

The DOH says they have over 26,000 tons of salt on hand. But they have several tons of cinders and sand ready to go as well.

District Engineer Rusty Roten says if bad weather hits they'll be ready.

"All of our snow fighting equipment is ready to go. We've gone through dry runs, or practices you might say, with our operators and they've gone through their routes, their route priorities. Familiarized themselves with the routes and the equipment and we feel like everybody's ready to go," says Roten.

Roten adds that they cover 7 counties and 4 expressways in this district.

So if we experience bad weather keep in mind main roads are top priority. Those in rural areas may have to be patient for service.

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