WVU Mountaineer Visits Williamstown Elementary

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Tuesday was a special day for students at Williamstown Elementary. Many got to meet their hero, the WVU Mountaineer.

"I think it's a wonderful opportunity for the children to meet The West Virginia Mountaineer because he's a role model for our state and for the children in our state," says Williamstown Elementary Kindergarten Teacher, Jamie Deem.

Speaking to students, The Mountaineer himself, Jonathan Kimble talks about his own experience being bullied and why you can't let words get you down.

"This past year when I went to Texas and Iowa State, guess what happened to me? They made fun of me. I was bullied. I got picked on because I was different than everyone else. Did I let that affect me? No. You never want to let that affect you. Just because you're different, means your special. No one else is like you," Kimble says.

Kimble also talked to students about what it takes to become a student at West Virginia University. One part of the application is showing you have respect for others. "Be nice to everyone and you'll get into WVU. Should you make fun of someone because they have an animal on their head? No. Would you make fun of someone because they have an animal on their head?"

Reading a story about The Mountaineer, Kimble explained his uniform and the history behind the iconic mascot. He also told students he had to study hard to get to where he is now.

"He's also telling them how important education is, and how important college is and how important it is to further their education. Of course, we all want them to do that. It's just a wonderful opportunity and I'm so glad we have had this opportunity for him to come here to Williamstown Elementary School," Deem says.

Students also got to take their picture with The Mountaineer. If you want to learn more about him, click on the hot button.

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