WVU-P Recognizes Domestic Violence Awareness Month

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Those at West Virginia University at Parkersburg are taking the time to recognize a problem that affects many men in women right here in the mid-Ohio valley.

October is domestic violence awareness month and local victims of this problem have gotten creative in showing what they have been through. West Virginia University at Parkersburg is holding their annual clothes line project-- which displays t-shirts decorated by those affected by domestic violence.

"They put the wording on the t-shirt talking about how domestic violence made them feel or what impact it had on their family," says the Coordinator of the Criminal Justice Program at WVU-P, Louis Roy.

A domestic violence survivor, Corrina Moore, says this month means to her-- speaking out and staying strong.

"The impact on my life is that I know I'm a survivor and I got away from it and I don't have to live with that no more in my life and neither do they."

Each shirt is a different color to portray exactly what the victim went through and were made at the Parkersburg Domestic Violence Shelter in Parkersburg by those people directly affected or their family members.

Also on display is a butterfly tree made those at the St. Marys Correctional facility where people who have been sentenced on domestic violence. They designed to show they understand the impact they have had on their victims and families.

"The main thing about domestic violence is showing the impact it has on the victims," says Roy. "If we can show, you know, what it does to the families and to the victims and the impact it has on not just that one person but their whole support group."

A student, Bobby Vanclief, who works the display says he isn't the only one whose eyes have been opened by seeing and reading these shirts.

"I've seen a bunch of people come in here so far and some of them have left crying, some of them just left talking about it. I think they just had the same impact as me, just surprised about how often this goes on here in Wood County," explain Vanclief.

Moore says she is touched by the people that come to see the shirts and recognizing domestic violence as a true problem.

"It touches my heart that they're seeing that it is there, that it is something that they are being made aware of now," says Moore.
"It's not hidden now like it was years ago"

Marietta is also making this month a priority by placing a purple ribbon and purple lights by the Court House in awareness.

WVU-P will also be holding a candlelight vigil on Wednesday night for the public to attend.


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