WVUP Helps Vets and Their Kids

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They protect our freedom every day.

Now WVUP's Veterans Corps makes wishes come true for vets' kids who need it the most.

It's Troop Week at WVUP and the "My Freedom Wish" project grants the wish of a veteran's child with a special need or disability, taking them on their dream trip to the zoo, amusement park or sporting event.

Veterans Advocate Shawn Healy says they're collecting donations, selling t-shirts and raffle tickets and holding a luncheon fundraiser on November 12th.

"Just seeing the struggles that veterans deal with when they come back home...especially their child that has a disability or special need, just to relieve some of the pressure off them and to show them that we do care about our veterans out here in the community," he says.

Healy says it's tough on children when their father or mother is stationed overseas for a long time.

Veterans and their kids deserve anything good we can do.

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