Disaster Drill at WVUP Jackson County Center

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It's a sad reality, but mass shootings are part of today's vocabulary.

Tuesday one local school practiced what to do if faced with such a scenario.

WVUP hosted a disaster drill Tuesday morning at their Jackson County Center in Ripley.

Volunteers portraying victims were placed around the building and police reacted just as they would in real life, with officers patrolling the grounds and checking all buildings.

EMS practiced too, to transport "victims" to the hospital.

It's the first time a drill like that was held there.

Not only is it helpful to staff and students, but to law enforcement as well.

"It's a great opportunity to train because stuff like this doesn't happen everyday but things like this do happen and we need to be ready for it," says Corporal Bradley Anderson, with Ripley Police. "Especially being a small town, small county that we are, I think it's a good idea to do this."

Ripley and Ravenswood Police as well as state police, Jackson County Sheriff and Jackson General Hospital all participated in Tuesday's drill.

Afterwards a meeting was held with drill evaluators to talk about the outcome of the drill.

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