WVUP Introduces Workforce & Community Education Program, Culinary School

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WVUP held an open house Friday to introduce the public to the Workforce and Community Education Program while also marketing and promoting their new culinary school.

Dr. Tabitha Anderson, vice president of WCE, says they want to let everyone know the cooking school is in downtown Parkersburg.

She says there's a lot WVUP can do for small businesses, including training and development of staff.

"It's not just kids coming to school," Anderson says. "We have a great department that trains business and industry folk. We work with the companies that are very small with one or two people that need training or we can work with a company that has hundreds."

Anderson says the open house was a chance to enjoy lunch prepared by the WVUP Culinary Arts Academy and AVI Food Systems as people discovered how WCE can help them grow professionally.

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