WVUP Student From Iraq Discusses ISIS Threat

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The news that another journalist was beheaded by the ISIS terror group continues to make headlines.

One local student here in Parkersburg is now sharing his story and speaking out.

Khalid Haider is from Sinjar, Iraq.

He has lived in America for four years and is currently a student at WVUP.

Before, Khalid spent six years in the U.S. military as a translator.

He says the ISIS threat is real and he knows firsthand, as his own family had to escape the area and is living in fear.

"You need to realize they are tending to do one of two things to people that don't believe their way. Convert or die. And they will keep expanding gaining power, more people go, day after another, they will join them, they will gain more power and strength," he says.

Khalid says the threat against the world is real and very, very dangerous.

He has been trying to get his family out of the area and to the United States for around three years now.

Over 30 members of his mother's family have gone missing or have been beheaded by ISIS.

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