Waiting Last Minute To File

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April 15th, it's the last day to file taxes and many are waiting until today to do so.

Procrastination. We all do it. But why on April 15th, tax day, a day when you could be getting money back?

"The reasons...not prepared," says Nancy King, H&R Block Enrolled Agent.

"I didn't have all the papers that I needed together," says client Dorothy Frazier.

Nancy King has been a tax specialist for over 30 years. She says she's heard it all.

"Over the years we've pulled off too many miracles on April 15th and those people come back on April 15th for another miracle. It gets pretty crowded in here," King says/

So crowded, Nancy says she'll be there as long as it takes to finish everyone's taxes. "I have been extremely busy. I have not been out of my cubicle."

It's not just procrastinator's waiting last minute to file their taxes. The post office is also seeing increases in people waiting last minute to send out those completed returns.

"I've been traveling. And procrastination...yes," admits one man sending out his taxes.

Another reason to wait until the last minute, is if you're not getting money back and instead have to pay.

"One of the big reasons is they don't have the money to pay," King says.

"I owed so I have to pay today. I'm here to pay my dues," says Sherry.

Jason Caltrider says, "I owe and I didn't want to file them early, so I'm waiting for the last minute to get them sent in."

Many tax businesses will remain open late Monday to finish appointments. Check with your local tax professional to find out exactly how late they'll be open.

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