Walking From Coast to Coast For Autism Awareness

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Traveling with only the clothes on his back, literally. One New York man walks his way through the Mid Ohio Valley on his way to California.

It's all for autism awareness.

William Cefalo started in New York August 11th, just crossing the West Virginia, Ohio border September 10th. He's made it about 500 miles in four weeks.

Cefalo is walking with nearly 70 pounds on his back, living off donations and sleeping where ever he can find a place to lay.

On a common day, he's an applied behavior analysis therapist. Cefalo says it's about getting people to understand one in every 88 people are diagnosed with autism.

Cefalo is inspired by and raising money for a New York program helping autistic kids called SNACK.

He says he plans to stay on Route 50 until he hits St. Louis, then going from there.

Cefalo started the beginning of his trip, walking through cities wearing a sliver body suit taking on the name the silver fool.

Follow him at this blog: http://silverfool.tumblr.com
There you can also find his twitter and facebook page.

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