Warm Days Make For The Perfect Time To Weatherize

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Don't be fooled by a few warm days... winter is on its way. Experts say, for a homeowner who doesn't prepare winter can mean lots of expensive repairs.

"An average home in a basic winter can lose $425 from leaky windows and doors," says Dennis Erb, the Specialty Assistant Manager of the Vienna Home Depot. "People get this last little touch of a warm spell, we're all guilty of it, and try and enjoy those last few moments of warm weather. That usually takes people by surprise with winterazation."

Erb says being ready for the chilling grip of mother nature's winter wrath is as simple taking steps to make sure your home is guarded.

"Weatherization is key," Erb says. "If you're not going to be replacing windows, then you're going to have to take some of the products that we have in stock and make sure your doors and windows are sealed tight. It makes a big difference."

Those products include insulation kits, rubber foam weather seal, draft stops and pipe protection kits.

"You can add a heat tape to any of your pipes in the house," Erb explains. "You wrap it and put a line in it that keeps it at a certain temperature. If the temperature falls to freezing it will kick on and keep your pipes from freezing."

Which will help keep costs low and residents dry this holiday season.