Barlow-Vincent Elementary Becoming Middle School

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The Warren School Board announces a big change for the future of the district.

A new middle school is in the works for next year.

Superintendent Kyle Newton says they are annoucing the plan now because change takes time.

Barlow-Vincent Elementary School will become the new middle school, housing fifth through eighth grade students.

Warren Elementary and Little Hocking Elementary will be the two elementary schools in the district, housing kids from kindergarten through fourth grade.

"I think it's something the district has needed for a long period of time now. I was very, very happy because when you think about the class offering and different things you are going to be able to do with this type of a set up, it's gonna help the students out so much," says Andy Biddinger, a teacher and parent of a student.

Superintendent Newton says he is receiving a lot of support from faculty and staff about this decision.

He says with this change the commute may affect some families; however, it shouldn't be longer than around fifteen minutes.

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