Warren High School Marching Band Craft Show

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One high school marching band put on a fundraiser Saturday morning involving arts and crafts.

Members of the Warren High School Marching Band held a Craft Show.

Crafters from across the valley displayed their hand made items for the entire family to enjoy.

They even had stuff for Christmas, those dedicated sports fans and your four-legged friends.

The marching band has been doing their biggest fundraiser for over 30 years.

"Well, it's a big event for the community. We have a lot of members of the faculty here, members of the community, parents of students that come here every year. For the band, it's our largest fundraiser, we sponsor a great number of activities throughout the year just from this single day," says Warren High School Marching Band Director, Courtney Clark.

All proceeds will benefit the marching band.

They hope to raise up to $20,000 at this year's craft show.

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