Warren High School Teacher Receives Jan Dils Golden Apple Award for May

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A reputation of being tough, but thorough.

A Warren High School teacher takes home the May Jan Dils Golden Apple Award.

Chemistry teacher, Sam Wilder, is honored.

Made clear by the hand shakes and cheers, Wilder is respected by many.

A tough but caring reputation with his real life analogies.

Wilder has taught for 26 years, saying every year he tries to work on something new himself - new strategies, topics and challenges.

He was nominated by a graduate, saying Mr. Wilder is truly respected and forces students to meet higher expectations.

"You've got to connect with the kids, they've got to know that you really do care for them. You have to push them. You can't let up. You can't take it easy on them, you have to let them know that you have really high expectations and once they know that and once they know you believe in them then they rise to what your expectations are," says Mr. Wilder.

Teachers and students say Wilder is always involved, truly caring about the students and never giving up on them.

This is the last Jan Dils Golden Apple Award for this school year, but you can still nominate teachers throughout the summer.

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