Warren Levy Fails For Sixth Time

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Those living in the Warren Local School Distract saw a bond levy once again for the schools. This time around the board of education changed the proposal completely saying they were trying to compromise the needs with the community's. Still the levy fails.

"I can't really speculate as to why we haven't had more support today," explains Superintendent Tom Gibbs.

It's the sixth time they've asked for community support and the sixth time it's voted down.

"Empty, numb. I mean I'm to the point where we have had in eight years we've had to close two school buildings, reduce 90 full time positions," describes Gibbs. "We are one of the largest employers in our par t of the county and we've lost 90 jobs."

From here he says all they can do is keep increasing the already large class sizes and offer less electives and options for students.

Gibbs says the district is one of the largest in the state... and one of the lowest spending school districts. "We're at the point where we're at state minimums in pretty much every category, we're sharing positions where we can. We've reduced spending across the board, you name it we've done it to live within our means."

Gibbs says he has faith in the students and district, regardless, but says he's not sure where to go from here. He explains there's little if anything left to cut and still not enough money left to fund everyday functions. "I'm not sure what direction the Board will actually decide to go at this point but I know a lot of people are suffering voter fatigue at this point and we'll just do our best to continue to offer the best opportunity for our students with what we have available."

Superintendent Gibbs says he does believe this is the biggest margin the levy had failed be.

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