Warren Local Schools Get Ready For Start of Classes

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Warren Local residents have focused more on what's coming back than what's new. Busing of students to Warren High School, something discontinued two years ago for economic concerns, will return with the new school year.

"It's actually better for the district in general, for everyone involved, to get our elementary schools back to more elementary times," says Kyle Newton, beginning his first year as school superintendent, "and puts our high school back at more high school times. That's good and important for our district."

Newton, who replaced Tom Gibbs as superintendent during the summer, is just part of what's new in the district. There are several new principals and administrators, replacing those who, like Gibbs, moved on to other jobs.

While impressed with the area's community atmosphere, newton is looking to improve communication in the district.

"I have had lots of great conversations this summer with my leadership teams, with different groups of teachers, and I think we'll continue to do great things for our students."

Voters in the district since 2008 have rejected several school levy and bond issues aimed at school building improvements.

While there haven't been any more tries at levies, maintenance issues remain in the district, as do financial concerns. Warren gets nearly 70 percent of its funding from state, rather than local sources.

Classes in the district begin next Monday, August 26

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