Wash Co. EMA Emergency Drill Saturday

Close-up of emergency lights
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If you're driving down Route 7 on Saturday, you may see quite a few emergency vehicles, but there's no need to worry. It's all part of a drill.

Washington County Emergency Management Agency Director, Jeff Lauer says they'll be holding a drill at Solvay Plant.

He says the plant volunteered as part of a full scale drill the county is required to take part in every four years.

During the drill, law enforcement and the plant will simulate what would happen during an actual emergency.

"They'll be fire trucks and emergency response vehicle and Hazmat teams suiting up and going into the plant for a simulated leak to practice our plans and preparedness to test them and see if we need to update them."

Many emergency organizations throughout the county take part.

"During that instance, they will load patients and take them to Marietta Memorial Hospital which will test their plans and part of our drill and our plans as De-conning and taking patients. We'll also open our emergency operations center at the same time so it will be like a real drill, full scale," Lauer adds.

The drill is Saturday, April 20th starting at 9:00 in the morning at the Solvay Plant on Route 7.

Officials ask to just be aware there is no real emergency and this is just a drill.

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