Washington County Children Services Kicks off Child Abuse Awareness Month

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Lights of Hope and Pinwheels for Prevention

Washington County Children Services combined two for one with Wednesday night's ceremony.

Kicking off the month of April by featuring a Martina McBride song "Concrete Angel" sung by a local supporter, a glow light ceremony was held and keynote speaker Dwayne Huck, who is a foster and adoptive parent spoke, all to honor survivors and victims of child abuse.

The intention was to reveal the blue ribbon display sitting outside the Armory, but predicted rain brought the group inside.

634 pinwheels on the giant ribbon is the total number of child abuse or neglect cases for 2012.

"Each one of those we can think of a name to attach to each pinwheel," says Amanda Herron, protective case worker 3 with Washington County Children Services. "And so they really mean something and the number itself doesn't mean as much as what each one of those actually represents."

Herron says the key point for the month is that awareness is a common problem in the community.

Awareness of signs and symptoms is the best way to combat child abuse.

You can find more information at Washington County Children Services' Facebook page for 30 days of prevention.

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