UPDATE: Washington County Children Services Levy Fails

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UPDATE 11/4/2014 10:25 PM

Final, unofficial results indicate the Washington County Children Services levy failed.

8,913 people voted for it, while 9, 247 voted against it.

UPDATE 10/13/2014 5:10 PM

Washington County voters decide whether to fund a Children Services levy this fall.

It would bring back prevention programs in the schools.

There was a prevention program in the area schools until 2009.

Children Services says prevention is key and they see their numbers rising.

They respond to emergency calls but they can reduce those emergency calls by working through key issues from the beginning.

"If you can get in and prevent those issues from progressing to something that is almost insurmountable then that's a future member, adult, parent, that has learned how to live their life in a more healthy and beneficial way to them and everyone around them," says Washington County Children Services Director Jamie Vuksic.

This levy would put prevention specialists in the schools to work with the kids at all ages.

This means some of the issues they see now in the high schools may be avoided by fixing them at a younger age.

The levy is .55 mills.

It is for 10 years and would cost around $19 for every $100,000 value of your home.

Cut in 2008 from funding problems, the Washington County Prevention Program comes back to the ballot in Washington County.

It's designed to help children suffering from abuse and neglect.

Washington County Children Services wants to bring back the School Outreach Prevention Program.

It puts prevention specialists in the schools to work with teachers, children and families.

Supporters of the program say since it ended costs have actually skyrocketed.

"Work with families, help them understand what it is we are trying to help them with and what area of their lives we can help them improve upon. The betterment of the children the families and the community," says Jamie Vuksic, Executive Director of Washington County Children Services.

There would be no additional cost to the school districts.

The levy is .55 mills.

That is five and a half cents per hundred dollars of property value.

It will be on November's ballot.

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