Washington County Grand Jury Indicts 26

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A Washington County grand jury indicts 26, including a man charged with assaulting several police officers New Year's Eve.

Dale Nesselrotte was at the Galley in Marietta on New Year's Eve when officials say he became upset and punched the glass door, shattering it.

Officers responded and they say Nesselrotte swung at them.

And after reaching for the gun belonging to the other officer he was eventually hit by a stun gun and faces three felonies.

The two people involved in last month's armed robberies at ATM machines around Marietta face multiple first degree felonies.

Mindy Fox faces two first degree aggravated robbery felonies, a second degree kidnapping felony and a third degree felony of intimidation.

Her accomplice, James Augenstein, faces two first degree felonies of complicity to commit aggravated robbery.

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