UPDATE: Emergency Operations Center Interface Workshop

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UPDATE 1/15/2014 5:30 PM

Putting all the pieces together and preparing for a disaster.

Wednesday Washington County and Marietta City officials attended the Emergency Operations Center Interface Workshop.

After feedback from last month's public health exercise with the movie "Contagion", this exercise was put together because officials say they wanted to know how it's all going to gel together if a real emergency were to happen.

Angela Lowry with the Washington County Health Department says this is something as a county they have needed to do for a long time.

After seeing what happened in Charleston last week, all the more reason to have everything ready to go if need be.

Preparing for disaster or contagion.

Washington County officials are on top of it.

About 50 Washington County law enforcement, education, health and public information officials worked through possible scenarios Tuesday after watching the movie "Contagion".

In the 2011 film the world is in panic as a rapidly spreading disease is killing thousands.

This public health table top exercise helped these departments work out their emergency plans.

"From cross organizations we will be opening up our plans - our emergency operation plans - and looking at what they say if this was actually happening in Washington County...are we prepared and what do our plans say?," says Angela Lowry, Public Health Emergency Preparedness Coordinator.

Lowry says this is the first time they put together so many community partners to prepare for if and when there was a public health outbreak.

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