UPDATE: Belpre, Warren School Levies Pass

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UPDATE 5/6/2014 10:35 PM

Big wins, renewing money the districts relied on heavily.

During a light turnout for the primary the Belpre and Warren Local precincts stayed steady with voters.

The Belpre renewal raises $825,000, all going to the cost of operating the the district.

Following a string of defeats for new money, Warren Local voters passed a renewal levy raising $1.75 million, or a third of the operating budget.

With the economy slow and money tight both schools were elated with the vote of support.

Belpre passed 71 to 29 percent, meaning 10 years of funding for operational costs.

Superintendent Tony Dunn says this will give kids the educational opportunities they deserve.

"We are absolutely thrilled. We're not really surprised because we know that the residents of Belpre love their kids and support the schools," he says. "We're absolutely thrilled that they came out and voted for us today. It's one of those that we knew we had support out there and we're just very thankful that people got out there and voted."

Warren passed its levy 64 to 36 percent.

Superintendent Kyle Newton says this levy passing is a great sense of relief and he's very excited for the students and staff.

"This means that we can continue doing what we were doing. I really believe that we have some positive momentum as we're moving forward," he says. "And it really validates all of the hard work that our teachers and staff put into what they do everyday."

Crucial school levies this primary in Washington County.

Both Warren Local Schools and Belpre City Schools are renewal levies.

Belpre is asking for a ten year continuation.

Costing about $111.78 each year per $100,000 of assessed property value or about $9 a month.

Warren Local Schools local would average about $170 a year per $100,000 assessed property value.

Belpre's $825,000 and Warren's $1,755,600 levies both start in 2016.

"We quite frankly are creating that next generation that are going to be the leaders in our community, so the more we support out public school system, the better our community is going to be, the higher the value of our homes are going to be, but also our quality of life," said Belpre Superintendent Tony Dunn.

Dunn says if for some reason the levy doesn't pass it could be devastating for the school system. They would have to cut $825,000 out of school operations but he believes the community is very supportive. The renewal has gone through twice before.

Dunn says he wants our kids to be leaders and contributors in our community. Making sure they receive the best education possible is part of that process.

Absentee voting has already begun before the May 6th primary.

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