Washington County Sewer Rates Rise

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Approved in April, it takes effect this month.

More than a thousand customers in Washington County will be paying higher sewer rates.

In short, it has to do with rising expenses.

The commissioners explained the $6 increase - a hike of nearly ten percent - in a letter sent this month to its more than 1,000 customers.

Washington County maintains thousands of lines, lift stations and pumps, either through repairs or replacements.

The county last increased those rates five years ago.

But during the past two years, the county spent more money than it took in, just for that routine maintenance.

"( The carryover) was down to about $150,000, which in a matter of months would have been zero. And we have to have some type of a carryover to be able to take care of unexpected emergencies at lift stations, failure of piping or things of that nature," says Commissioner Ron Feathers.

This went into effect with the July sewer bills, which now have been mailed to most customers.

When the commission approved the rate hike in April, it also agreed rates will be reviewed annually and could be changed again if necessary.

This makes the new rate $62 a month.

It does not, by the way, affect sewer customers in the cities of Marietta and Belpre.

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