UPDATE: Washington County Gets New Armored Vehicles

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UPDATE 2/11/2014 2:35 PM

Updating from the 1970's and very impressive.

The Washington County Sheriff's Office officially has their new BearCats up and running.

The armored vehicles are bullet proof, have gas detection capabilities, are four wheel drive and have turret exits from the top.

They can also get through flood waters due to their high suspension.

Each can fit 10 to 15 special response team members comfortably.

"Been here 24 years and over those 24 years you can see the difficulties we've had in scenes, and now you have these vehicles and you know what they are going to be able to do," says Major Brian Schuck. "So it's gonna be a big plus for a lot of the younger guys, they are going to be able to use these vehicles for a lot of years."

The office picked these up from Massachusetts and multiple special response team members are already trained.

The rest will start and continue training this week and the coming months.

But if something happened today, they would be ready to go.

Keeping our citizens and deputies safe is a top priority.

So come January the Washington County Sheriff's Office is getting two new armored vehicles.

Chief Deputy Mark Warden says the vehicles they have now are old and not up to date - dating back to the 1970s.

With the recent school shootings and national events they need to be ready and prepared for the worst.

Chief Warden said this was necessary for the office.

The sheriff's office bought one vehicle.

The other was awarded through a grant and the sheriff's office paid the rest, totaling $190,000.

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