Washington County Sheriff's Office Keeping Schools Safe

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The Washington County Sheriff's Office is keeping schools in the valley safe with deputies present and preventative drug measures.

The Washington County Sheriff's Office currently has a system in place where deputies are always checking up at the schools throughout the day.

A new program in the works is a different approach to helping with drug prevention in schools.

The sheriff's office currently has one outpost at Warren High School.

It's a place they can work and be close to schools without having to drive all the way back to Marietta every time.

They are working to organize more outposts for the deputies, but also the office is working on a drug prevention program through student leaders.

Deputies will be working with the schools to indentify formal and informal student leaders

"Those are the students we are going to try and educate...make aware of the drug usage...the effects of drugs within the schools, and using them as a facilitator to help educate the student body," says Capt. Troy Hawkins with the Washington County Sheriff's Office.

Captain Hawkins says this program has just started within the past couple of weeks.

They just had their first meeting with Warren High School Principal Ben Cunningham.

Cunningham says they want to encourage and develop relationships with local law enforcement as well as leadership skills and any way they can accomplish that - especially through this program - is a win-win.

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