Toy Auction Raises Money For "Cops and Kids" Event

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Sheriff deputies along with the Fraternal Order of Police (F.O.P.) Gold Star Lodge 188 held a toy auction Friday.

It's all part of the "F.O.P. Cops and Kids" event.

They received several donations from area businesses and others in the valley.

It's all to help raise money for the cops to take around 125 kids shopping at K-Mart.

The donations consisted of gift cards, clothing, athletic gear and other items.

F.O.P. and the Washington County Sheriffs Office always look forward to letting the kids have a fun time shopping.

"We want to portray a positive image towards children. And that's what we hope to do, so they're not afraid of the police. We have Santa Claus come in there and help us out, " says Sgt. Bryan Reeder.

Sheriff deputies and F.O.P. officials received nearly $22,000 in donations.

This year's "F.O.P. Cops and Kids" date will be announced soon.

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